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Instant Cash Loans For People On Benefits*, Apply Now!

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- All credit histories welcome
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- Up to £1000 whenever you need it


Life is always full of surprises – and usually, these involve the need for money. An unexpected expense, a lack of cash for something important, or even the need for extra money for something special can sometimes keep you from successfully accomplishing your objectives, especially if you are on benefits. Now! This no longer has to be a problem. Loans for people on benefits were never easier to apply for. You could have up to £1000 in you account within just a few minutes with the help of a guarantor if you need one.


What Limitations are Attached to the Money?

The best part of these loans is that there are no limitations. You can use the money for any need. You can use it for home repairs, gifts, children’s educational needs, car repairs, home entertainment, petrol bills, hotel expenses, food, medical expenses, and any other expense you might have.


What are the Requirements?

These are actually very minimal, and only required by UK laws. You must be at least 18 years of age, be a UK citizen, living in the UK and show proof of income (your benefits if required by a guarantor lender) for the last 90 days. You must also have a UK bank account, one that allows for electronic deposits and withdrawals.

As you can see, the requirements are pretty basic. Basically, you need:

- To be 18
- To have a verified bank account
- Proof of income or of benefits


How to Get the Money?

Just fill out the online application and you can expect your cash advance within as little as a few hours, at most, you may have to wait 24 hours before getting the advance.


What about the Standard Credit Check?


Don’t worry! We don’t check your credit (in the case of a guarantor lender) and we won’t even ask you to send us any special documentation. All you need do, is use our easy online form. Just apply from home through your computer or your smartphone in just a few minutes.

From the moment you submit the form, your approval takes an average of about 15 minutes. Call us today! And solve those funds issues now. All you need is your last pay slip. You don’t need a scanner or a fax. Just apply, and enjoy the benefits of having the funds you need in just a few minutes. Call today


* With a guarantor lender if necessary

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